We believe in simplicity

$35 / MONTH

One simple Plan – One charge a month – One incredible Righty hand

Start your 7 day FREE trial today to learn how $35 a month could change your life.

What's Included?


Be reminded, at your preference, to get tasks or meetings started and finished

Accountability Vigilants

Your Righty will ensure that you get there and get things done. No excuses about time anymore.

Life Organizers

Your Righty uses research-backed techniques to get you to maximum efficiency. He/She will create a daily routine for you and update your schedule with everything that you need


Receive a morning inspirational quote every week

Email Scheduling

Skip the mumbo jumbo os scheduling a meeting. Just CC your Righty and they will find a convenient time for both parties.

Goal Enforcers

Whether it is a diet you recently have taken up or a business project you are trying to complete your Righty will ensure that you keep up with that goal

Stop wasting time and money. Plan less do more.


- How is the price so low?

We have broken down our Righty tasks to its most simple and useful features which provide the user the best results and help them get to maximum productivity in order to get the price to $35/month. Additionally, we have built a bot that helps someone be a virtual assistant so one assistant can manage many clients and therefore lowering the cost.

- Does my Righty work a specific set hours? How many hours per day do I get my Righty for?

Yes, your assigned Righty works the same 8-hour workday that you do, but sets you up properly with reminders and your schedule so that you continue to work at maximum speed when your Righty is not available. Your Righty is at your full disposal from 9 AM until 5 PM.

- How do the payments work?

You are charged once a month $35. It is a rolling subscription, but you can cancel whenever you like.

- What can I not ask my Righty to do for me?

Your Righty cannot do research, answer forms, do social media, data entry, book tickets, and that kind of things. Instead, we will give you the necessary tools to be able to make time for all of those things and much more. According to our research, those secretary tasks become almost obsolete when you can manage your time well.

- How do I communicate with my Righty?

Your Righty will text you directly to your phone. There is no additional application or hassle needed to get started.

- If I am unhappy with my Righty’s service, could I change my Right Hand?

Of course! Although we are sure that your expectations are going to be exceeded by your Righty we can change your Righty if you are unhappy.

Your life is constantly changing, and as your routines and preferences change, we want to know. You can update your information either through your login on myrighy.com, or simply by telling Righty and he/she will take care of it.

- How do I get my Righty to arrange my meetings?

Simply write an introductory email with the person who you want to find time with and CC your Righty. Your Righty will handle the mumbo jumbo from there. Once a date and time is decided, you will receive a confirmation text from your Righty.

- How do I adjust my routine and meeting preferences for my Righty if I want to change them?

Your life is constantly changing, and as your routines and preferences change, we want to know. You can update your information either through your login on myrighy.com, or simply by tell your Righty and he/she will take care of it.

- What time zone do you work in?

Our Rightys are currently available to chat 10am-6pm EST, 9am-5pm CST, 8am-4pm MST , 7am-3pm PST, and we are working hard to bring in more time zones. However, our system is open 24/7 for incoming texts about setting up reminders and scheduling. Within our Righty work hours, they will set you up for the rest of the day.

- What services does my Righty do for me?

The Righty will act as your Right Hand. From 9am-5pm you will have someone available that you can text for information, feedback on something, to keep you accountable, to remind you of something (instead of setting a reminder, you text your Righty; It's like having a secretary and an awesome experience). You can cc them to an email and they'll do the back and forth of scheduling. They’ll send you relevant articles. They are there to take away stress and make your life easier.


- Is my Righty qualified to be a good Right Hand?

Yes! All of our Right Hands are hand picked and go through a rigorous training process to ensure that all of our clients are in good hands.


- How do I get started?

When you start your free trial, you will be taken to our interactive survey so that your Righty can create a productivity schedule for you. After you answer all the information needed for you Righty to get you started, he/she will reach out to you and walk you through the next steps.

- Can I call my Righty?

You cannot call your Righty. They are available through email or text.

- Am I paying for a full secretary/virtual assistant?

Not in the form you’ve been conditioned to think. That is, in the sense that we don’t answer your correspondence, keep your records, field your calls, do administrative work, social media, extensive research nor do we work on a per task/per hour system. Instead, you are paying a flat monthly fee for someone who is always there to take away the stress from your life. They check in in the morning, remind you of your tasks, keep track of your schedule, set up your meetings via email, provide you with interesting articles, quotes, and news, all through the way most comfortable for you, text.

- What types of informative questions can I ask my Righty?

Your Righty also functions as your personalized human search engine. You can ask them anything from simple factual questions and definitions, to Yelp-type questions such as good restaurants in your area.

- Is my Righty artificial intelligence?

Absolutely not. Rights are humans. They just use AI to help them be more effective.

- What is the purpose of filling in the questionnaire and preferences?

We want to make sure you have the best experience with us and receive the best possible service from your Righty. The information you chose to give us through these means gives us more insight as to how to serve you and better tailor ourselves to your needs.