How We Are Revolutionizing The Virtual Assistant Industry

Righty was created to bring an assistant to the masses. As a team of designers, entrepreneurs, realtors, and lawyers, we put ourselves in the shoes of our potential customers and decided to create a company that was truly extraordinary and tailored to people who wanted to save time and get things done.

Since the day Righty was conceived, we promised ourselves that no matter the costs, especially in regard to time and budget, nothing is greater than the pursuit of a great customer experience and service. We developed Righty to help everyone reach maximum productivity because we were searching for the service, yet it did not exist.

We are a technology company fused with a very strong human element, and the combination of this symbiosis inspires a truly powerful service that will help people become radically productive.

  • Righty, emerging from the saying, “right hand,” is a service that we want everyone in the world to use.

  • We are honored that you have taken the time to visit our page and read about us. We hope you that you can experience Righty and start getting more done. Let us handle the less important things so that you can focus on the important ones.

Yours Truly,


"Righty has changed my life. No longer am I paying thousands of dollars every month for an assistant. Now, I am not only saving money, but getting more done. I think everyone in the world should have Righty"

Simply said: Righty is incredible

Righty saves me time by scheduling my meetings and keeps me productive by managing my time effectively. After creating my daily routines, I grew my business 2x bigger and lost 30 pounds.